Travelling in 2017: Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World

Wondering where to go on your next holiday? Thousands of Brits search the web each day in need of inspiration for their 2017 getaway. And with a new year, comes a new set of wonderful places you should visit – from national celebrations to disappearing wonders of the world. You definitely don’t want to miss out, so take a look at our infographic of the top holiday destinations for 2017, and keep reading for an in-depth look at each location:

Travelling in 2017: Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World by I Can Park And Ride

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Looking for more information about our picks for the top 10 tourist destinations in the world? Keep reading….


Ideal for: Beaches

Flight time: 11 hours

Why 2017: Thailand has become Britain’s most searched holiday destination abroad over the past year. And with countless white beaches, idyllic islands and perfect blue shores it’s completely understandable why. Magnificent structures like the Grand Palace also make Thailand a great choice for culture lovers.

When to visit: Between December and March, temperatures in Thailand settle at between 20-35°C, making it the best time to visit before the rainy season kicks in.


Ideal for: Couples

Flight time: 4 hours

Why 2017: After hundreds of years of Swedish and Russian rule, Finland finally gained independence in 1917. This year, Finland is celebrating its centenary of independence with dedicated art exhibitions, sports events and festivals all through 2017.

When to visit: Finland’s official Independence Day is 6th December – also the best time to catch a glimpse of the stunning Northern Lights in the northernmost regions. Wrap up, embrace the sub-zero temperatures, and enjoy the festivities.


Ideal for: Culture

Flight time: 4 hours

Why 2017: For fashion aficionados, autumn 2017 means only one thing. The opening of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech. The landmark museum will display thousands of items spanning his 40 years of design.

When to visit: September-November is the best time to enjoy the YSL museum, as well as avoiding the unbearable heat of peak summer.


Ideal for: Adventures

Flight time: 23 hours

Why 2017: People travel to Australia for a range of natural delights – none more so than the Great Barrier Reef. 2016 saw growing concern for the beautiful coral reef, which is a must see while it’s still intact.

When to visit: Visit the Reef in June to November leading up to Australia’s summer, but before the wet season hits.


Ideal for: Beaches

Flight time: 9 hours

Why 2017: In recent years, Barbados has more than tripled in popularity amongst British tourists. It is undoubtedly one of the hotspots for 2017 holidays, offering all the serene environments, stunning beaches and exhilarating watersports anyone could wish for.

When to visit: Barbados is perfect for winter sun-seekers. The months between December and April see temperatures rise above 25°C without too much humidity.


Ideal for: Culture

Flight time: 2 hours

Why 2017: Denmark’s second city Aarhus has been chosen as one of two European Capitals of Culture for 2017. Much like Copenhagen, the Danish city will become a cultural hub, with poignant exhibitions throughout the year as well as quintessential Danish architecture.

When to visit: The Capital of Culture celebrations are split into four chapters spanning the whole year. Take advantage of the warm temperatures in May and September while avoiding the peak summer rush.


Ideal for: Families

Flight time: 3 hours

Why 2017: With the number of visitors doubling since 2013, Romania is the fastest growing destination in Europe for Brits. From the UNESCO World Heritage Danube Delta to the Bucegi Mountains and Buzua Mud Volcanoes – people are only just beginning to discover the hidden gems of Romania.

When to visit: For an authentic experience, mild weather and gorgeous autumnal surroundings, September and October are the best months to visit Romania.


Ideal for: Beaches

Flight time: 11 hours

Why 2017: The Mexican Peso has been in a steady decline since around 2013. For travellers, this means more foreign currency for your buck and cheaper food, drinks and days out as a result

When to visit: March and April are both warm and clear in Mexico. This time of year is also great for clubbers, with Spring Break in full flow by March.


Ideal for: Adventures

Flight time: 9 hours

Why 2017: With the ‘Big Five’ safari animals moving closer to endangerment, now is the time to visit Kenya. The North African country is also one of the hotspots for the vulnerable cheetah population and home to the last three Northern White Rhinos in the world.

When to visit: For the best chance on your safari, you need to visit in the dry season from July to October.


Ideal for: Culture and beaches

Flight time: 5 hours

Why 2017: Full of beautiful beaches and historic sites, Cyprus has been boosted by Paphos’ European Capital of Culture title for 2017. New restaurants, shops, cultural exhibitions and a lively buzz await visitors to the Cypriot city this year.

When to visit: Visiting Cyprus in April gives you warmth without the crowds and humidity. If your timing is right, you can even catch the unique Greek Easter celebrations.

Where ever you chose to holiday in 2017, enjoy yourself!